Server Upgrade

This morning we performed an upgrade of the server operating system. All appears to have gone without any issues, but as always, if you come across any behaviour that is unusual please contact us and we'll investigate.

Mailbox Login Error

There was a small issue earlier today that prevented people from logging into their mailbox settings. This has been fixed and so the mailbox settings should be editable again. If you experience any continuing problems please let us know.

Pastures New

Following a long period of faithful service we've recently started migrating services and websites across to our new server. The process is being completed in stages allowing time for each move to fully complete and any issues resolved before the next is started. It's worked well and this weekend we will be moving the mail services. Hopefully there will be minimal disruption, but if you have any problems this weekend please contact us by the usual channels.

Webmail Updated

Following the recent server upgrade, the webmail service has today been upgraded. The new look and feel are quite different but the functionality remains the same.

And we're back...

Earlier this evening the server was given a large upgrade. It's been needing done for a while and following some recent issues it was done this evening. There were a couple of minor issues that have caused some mail to be bounced and some websites to be unavailable. Apologies for anyone they have inconvenienced. We're hopeful that there will not be any more issues, but we'll be monitoring things for the next few days with an extra vigilant eye. If you think you've found something wrong please contact us in the usual way.

Upgrade Planned

Within the next couple of days we're planning to upgrade our webmail software to a newer version. The change brings a newer, more modern look and feel with better integration of the various elements. It should be seamless, but if you experience problems please let us know.

Connection Refused

Yesterday afternoon the mail system hit a problem that caused it to stop accepting messages. Our monitoring service advised me of the problem and I was able to restore partial service, but the source of the problem was still present. Around 2am the source of the problem was removed and we expected things to return to normal. Sadly, that didn't happen. This morning the mail system has been totally restarted and appears to be working well. Backlogs from yesterday are being processed and steps have been taken to avoid the problem in the future. Apologies to all those who were inconvenienced.

Hotmail Email Problems

We are aware of an issue with emails to Hotmail addresses not being delivered. The process to correct this problem has been started and we hope it will be resolved soon.

Mail Server Problem

Yesterday morning one of the components of the mail server suffered a problem and stopped working. The knock on effects meant that mail was not being delivered, though the system still looked as though it was working. The problem has now been resolved and all parts of the system are functioning normally again. Mail that could not be delivered has been queued and the backlog is being processed. We hope this didn't cause too many problems.

German Server Problem

The server in Germany suffered a power supply problem a few days ago. The problem resulted in the server being offline, but within hours of informing the hosting company it was repaired and normal service has been resumed.

Sending Mail

We performed a system upgrade earlier this week and during the process the mail server configuration was altered. The alteration took place automatically and annoying without us being informed. The change meant that outgoing emails were not routed correctly - resulting in the issues that some of you reported. After removing the change the mail server appears to be working correctly again. If there are continuing problems please let us know.

Mail Account Administration

Following a lot of requests we have added a section of the site to allow those of you with mailboxes to administer them. It's still early days and not all features that people have asked for are present, but it's a start and allows the most common changes to be made. We're also rolling out some improvements to our spam system which should enable finer control on aper-mailbox basis.

You can find the new section here

As always we value your feedback, so if you have suggestions or problems please get in touch.

Proxy Available Again

Following the changes yesterday the proxy has been unavailable. We've been working to try and get the issues resolved and are now confident that they have been. If anyone has any continuing issues please get in touch.

Mail Issues

We're in the process of upgrading the mail subsystem, but it's taken longer than we thought and so there may be ongoing mail issues for the next few hours. We're not losing messages, they're just being delivered very slowly, so please bear with us! Update: There were some problems with sending mail over the last 24 hours, but these have now been fixed. As far as we're aware all mail services are now operating normally.

Essential Maintenance

The server is currently undergoing some essential maintenance and upgrading. There will be short periods where services are unavailable, but we hope to keep them to a minimum.

Spam Rules Updated

Following some reports of a lot of spam being missed by our current spam filtering, we've tinkered with some of the rules and added a few more. We're hopeful this will reduce the current levels of spam that some users are seeing.

German Server Move

Our server in Germany is being moved to a new hosting facility. The move will take place overnight, starting on the evening of 25th Feb. The server will shutdown at 9:15pm on the 25th Feb and should be online again a few hours later. As it's a short period we've chosen not to move sites or services as the effort involved far outweighs the short interruption. If you have any concerns, please get in touch via the usual channels.

JetMail Update

Over the last 6 months we've been using AtMail to provide our JetMail access, but the choice has always been controversial due to it's unusual user interface. After evaluating a few different options we have changed to using RoundCube. The interface is more standard. The change also allows us to start integrating some additional functionality, which will start to appear over the next few weeks. For those who wish to access the AtMail application, this will continue to be available via


The primary server was restarted earlier today (due to a power interruption we think) and while it started up in the expected manner, a lot of the services that we expected to start didn't :-( We're working on making the changes so that these services start correctly next time and investigating why there was a power interruption. At this time, 11:24am, all services are back online and available. Apologies for the interruption.

Server Move Complete

The move to the new server has now been completed. It's proved as successful as we had hoped it would and the stability is back to where we wanted it. Thanks to everyone for their patience during our transition period.

Server Move Underway

Our recent uptime has been improving, but hasn't been as high as we usually provide. We've been trying to make changes that would improve matters but came to the conclusion that the best permanent solution was to move to newer, more capable hardware. This process has begun and over the next 48 hours the mail system will be moving. Hopefully this will happen with very few of you even noticing! If you do have any problems with your mail, please contact us in the usual manner.

Server Downtime Planned

The server has continued to have some issues over the last few weeks, with occasional bouts of unavailability. We've been working to minimise them and have managed to improve the stability. The next step involves a hardware upgrade which we have just arranged to be done. The work will be performed between 10pm and 11pm during the next few days. The people doing the work couldn't commit to a specific day, but it will be done before 29th Sept. We have tried to schedule the work for a quiet period and hope this won't inconvenience anyone.

System Change

The database system that supports mail logins was changed today. The change will have been seamless for almost everyone, but one or two passwords didn't move across in a correct manner, so if you find you are unable to login you should login via the main Jetnet site and change the mail password. If you have trouble just get in touch as usual!

Another Hiccup

Despite all the efforts of the last few weeks, the server had another seizure yesterday. It's been given a gentle nudge (with the size 10 hobnailed boot) and is back working. apologies for the continuing problems, we're working hard to fix them!

Mail Rules Tightened

While going through the process of changing the mail system we swapped to a setting that meant the mail system would keep trying to deliver messages, even when the delivery seemed impossible. This had the advantage of allowing your messages a far higher chance of getting to their destination, but did so at a cost of not informing you of errors as quickly. Now that the changes have been finished and the system has settled down nicely we've gone back to the older, harsher setting. This may mean that some users get a large number of error emails in the next 12 hours or so, but shouldn't make any difference for the majority of people.

Mail Filtering Hiccup

Following the upgrade there was a minor hiccup with the Spam filtering which saw Spam being delivered into your inboxes instead of the Spam folder. It's now fixed and any spam messages you have seen in your inbox can simply be deleted. Apologies for the confusion this little hiccup has caused!

Mail Server Upgrade

Following another issue with the outgoing mail server earlier today, a planned upgrade is being brought forward. The upgrade will mean that mail services will be impacted between 20:00 and 21:00 BST today. We expect the outage to be short and mail should not be lost during the process, but may be delayed.

Spam Removal

We've turned on the automatic removal of messages in the Spam folder. At present it's fixed at 7 days, but we'll have the option to let you adjust that available soon. Additionally, messages used to train the spam system via the SpamTrain folder will be removed when 24 hours old. We hope these changes will make things easier for you.

Mail Issues

Over the last few days there have been a few issues with mail, both incoming and outgoing. When they first occurred it was difficult to see where the problem lay, but as time went on it became apparent that it was the spam detection software we were using which was to blame. it kept stopping, with no real indications or warnings and thus would cause a large queue of mail to build up. Having tried some changes to see if it would become more stable (it didn't), I have finally decided that it's time to change to a system that will be more stable. The change has taken place over the last 24 hours and is now working. There are 2 visible changes following the change:

Your Spam folder will have messages older than a week removed automatically. If you use POP3 to collect your mail, please use JetMail to check the contents of your Spam folder at We'd like to express our thanks for your patience through this small disruption.

Web Site Updated

Over the last 24 hours we've released some new changes to the Jetnet website, providing more information and more control over your Jetnet usage. It's going to take us a little while things entered correctly, but we're not rushing to try and avoid errors. Sadly we are only human and so if you see something that's wrong or doesn't make sense just let us know and we'll investigate :-)

Final Service Shutdown

Following a busy week we've just stopped the final service that was running on the old server. It took us slightly longer than we'd hoped due to ongoing DNS issues, but those have all now been resolved. Tomorrow will see us copy off the final data archives and then the server will be shutdown for good. All services have been migrated and appear to be working correctly. The new website is still being developed and those of you with Jetnet accounts should be getting emails soon explaining how you can access your accounts. If you're encountering problems with any of our services, please just contact us and we'll try to resolve them. We've reintroduced the ability for IMAP users to simply drag spam messages into their SpamTrain folders. The new webmail has provoked some positive responses, but if you have any feedback please let us know. It uses drag 'n' drop to move messages into folders which is possibly the most significant change from the old system!

Service Update

Over the last 12 hours the following changes have been made:

There have been a few reports that DNS propagation is still patchy, but it does seem to be improving. NB For those people having trouble logging into their mail accounts, please ensure you are using your FULL email address as the username. Several people have reported this.

We're back!

Following a very busy (and frustrating) weekend we're now almost back to where we want to be. Mail is now flowing normally and the addition of greylisting to the mail server seems to be helping with the spam load. Dspam is also integrated as before, though the IMAP training by drag'n'drop isn't yet available. Most websites are now using the new servers and the remainder will be very soon now. The new look jetnet website is also starting to take shape. We'll be sending out an email soon explaining the differences and changes that have taken place. We appreciate how frustrating this has been for our users and would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for all the words of support and understanding we're received. They've really made a difference.

DNS Transfer Woes

Following the good news that kosh was once more available we started the process of moving services. When the first part of this, moving the domain to a different provider, went wrong we couldn't quite believe it. The problem left things in an odd state of limbo for most of the weekend and was totally out of our hands :-( We know many of you were keen to get your emails following the earlier problems and this issue just compunded the problems. Thanks to all of you who were patient and understanding.

RIP kosh

The main Jetnet server, kosh, served it's final request last Wednesday morning. The hardware failure occurred without warning and resulted in the server being offline for around 48 hours. After diagnosing the problem our hosting company managed to move the disks to a temporary host and get the server back online. This is just a temporary fix and work is ongoing to migrate all services and data away from kosh.