Dated 2nd Jan 2018

With a new year comes a new look for the Jetnet website. We've worked hard to ensure everything works, but if you find something we missed then get in touch. Hopefully the new look and functionality will make it easier to use.

Dated 13th Oct 2017

We have switched to using Lets Encrypt for our SSL certificates which means they update on a frequent basis. This happens automatically and has been working well for a number of months. Until this morning. Many of you will have seen a warning about an expired certificate when trying to access your mail. This was due to the service that provides access to your mail using an old certificate and not the current one which was updated last month. We apologise for the confusion this caused and will ensure that this will not happen again. Thanks for all those who contacted us to alert us to this problem.

Dated 24th Jun 2016

This afternoon there was a short outage of all services due to a configuration error being introduced when investigating some connectivity issues. Apologies for any problems caused but all services should now be operating normally again. If you notice anything unusual please get in touch.

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